Why Choose To Go To Counselling?

Counselling is not just for mental health problems, it’s also useful for things like relationship problems, difficult life events and behavioural problems.

Having someone to talk to, who is there specifically to listen to you talk about your feelings, is invaluable to so many people.

Often people find solace in talking to friends or family, but for many people, this can actually be a barrier to openly and honestly discussing your issues.

Many people feel more comfortable talking to a trained professional that can be offered through counselling services.

The counsellor is essentially a stranger that will listen to you without judgement. Counsellors are used to talking about almost any subject or taboo under the sun, so there’s nothing you need to feel too embarrassed or ashamed to talk about.

We offer a wide range of services to meet our diverse community.

Why go to Counselling

  • You’re experiencing unexpected mood swings.
  • You’re undergoing a big change.
  • You’re having harmful thoughts.
  • You’re withdrawing from things that used to bring you joy.
  • You’re feeling isolated or alone.
  • You’re using a substance to cope with issues in your life.
  • Being helped to understand how childhood issues currently impact on your relationships and emotional well being.
  • You feel like you’ve lost control.
  • Your relationships feel strained.
  • Your sleeping patterns are off.
  • You just feel like you need to talk to someone.

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